A Leisurely Breakfast Club at Rosso

A week ago, the Breakfast Club members gathered at Rosso for our January breakfast-time.  Rosso is a pizzeria on 109 St that offers a really awesome brunch on weekends.

If you are curious to try a breakfast pizza or want a hearty skillet, Rosso is a great place to go!  They also have an espresso bar, so getting your morning coffee fix will not be an issue.

I went for the vegetarian skillet option, the Verdure Miste. What I love about meals in skillets is, the food stays hot for much longer – so convenient! Beth could not resist the Filet Di Manzo skillet with beef tenderloin, and Rachael loved the Patate E Salsiccia skillet with fennel sausage.  Between the three of us, we covered off every skillet option on the menu and loved them all!


Skillets! Skillets! Skillets! The Verdure Miste



Beth’s Filet Di Manzo

Other breakfast club members enjoyed the Breakfast Pizzas, which really were pizzas.  The biggest difference that I could tell between Breakfast Pizza and a regular Rosso pizza is the breakfast ones are topped with an egg.  I tried a piece of Rhoda’s pizza (she’s my sister, so stealsies are allowed), and it was delicious.

I would definitely add Rosso to my list of recommended places to enjoy breakfast in Edmonton! As an added plus (at least for now), people do not necessarily associate “pizzeria” with “delicious breakfast”. Because there wasn’t a line-up out the door, we didn’t feel rushed to eat and run. It was a breakfast of leisure for the Breakfast Club ladies,  which is the most perfect start to a weekend, I must say.



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